• Megan Dyck

The truth behind Halloween candy and your teeth

The impact of your favorite seasonal treats might not be what you think it is.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, you might be worried about the impact all those sweets had on your teeth. After all, candy rots your teeth, right?

Myth Buster!

The answer is yes and no! Though tons of sugar isn’t great for your health, it isn’t sugar itself that causes tooth decay. Apparently, it is acid-producing bacteria that is to blame (Live Science). The bacteria feasts on carbohydrates in your mouth, which could be there after eating sugary or starchy foods like chips.

Another fun fact: Foods like raisins and chips are worse for your teeth than chocolate.

This is because they stick to your teeth longer, whereas chocolate bars can be more easily washed away with saliva or water. To sum it up in the simplest of terms: it is the food clinging to your teeth that is the problem.

So, what is the best thing you can do to keep those pearly whites healthy?

Brush your teeth & have regular checkups with your dentist!

You should brush at least twice a day (for 2 minutes each time), floss at least once every day, and rinse once a day. If you don’t, the formation of cavities starts. First, plaque will form on your teeth. Once it’s there a while, as you eat more foods with carbohydrates, the plaque turns to acid (WebMD). Eventually that acid is what forms little holes in your teeth—AKA the dreaded cavity.

To stay ahead of any cavity causing issues, dentists recommend having a cleaning and checkup twice a year – or every six months.

Good things happen when you take care.

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