• Megan Dyck

10 Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives

Halloween candy!

It’s that sugar-filled time of year everyone looks forward to. But sometimes the over-indulging in these bite sized treats can be a bit much. If you’re looking to replace the sugar overload in the days before Halloween with a healthier option, here are 10 easy Halloween treat alternatives you can add to the mix.

1. Candy Corn Fruit Pops

A yummy popsicle without the candy or dyes. It gets is sweetness from natural fruits and its creaminess from a healthier option—Greek yogurt!

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2. Apple Monsters

It’s the Granny Smith apple you know and love—only scarier! This snack combines all the best things: peanut butter, strawberries, sunflower seeds and apples!

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3. Halloween Guacamonsters

Regular potato chips got nothing on this superfood dip! This super simple recipe requires corn chips and the star ingredient is avocado.

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4. Jack O’ Lantern Oranges

Here is a fun and easy treat to throw in your kid’s lunch box. The best part? All you need for this snack is a mandarin orange and black marker.

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5. Witches’ Broom Snack

These snacks are sure to get swept up in no time! These cheesy veggie snacks are perfect for snacking on while watching your favourite spooky Halloween movie.

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6. Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

These protein bites look exactly like pumpkins! They are colored orange from the bright red peppers and yellow yolks and make for a great appy. Try setting a plate of these out instead of a bowl of candy.

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7. Zucchini Eyeballs

A perfect supper idea! These zucchini eyeballs are high in vitamin C and are a good source of manganese and vitamin A—meaning they are healthy for your real eyes too!

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8. Boonana Ghosts

White chocolate meets banana—what could be better? These scary frozen treats have just the right amount of Halloween chocolately goodness.

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9. Spiders on a Log

This after-school classic gets a creepy crawly twist for Halloween. Not only is it easy to make (you only need 2 ingredients; plus the spiders), but it is packed with protein making it delicious and nutritious!

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10. Black and Orange Fruit Dippers

Well…. It is still Halloween! We can’t get rid of all the chocolate. So here is a super yummy, refreshing, and balanced way to enjoy it!

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